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I consider myself as the Captain "Jack" of all trades, I hold many daggers (tools) in my tote bag. ;) I've learned a lot on my own along the years. My skills eventually became more diversified and through my journey, I've discovered the love and fun of turning a fine piece of wood into something nice to gaze upon, and even more so when giving it purpose.

As a wood-worker, I really love doing handcrafts home-decor --- Nautical decor that is! My wife & I make an awesome team; she is definitely the patient and meticulous one, yet I'll say that I know when a piece is done, but wont stop until it is.


All in all, we simply thrive to offer you our best & finest crafted home decor to enjoy for years. God bless you sincerely.

~ Your Captain
& all the crew here at Vision ANChored!

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Welcome Aboard.png

An accomplished graphic designer by trade & well intended craftswoman. Always open to explore new craft ideas that can serve as pleasant artifacts.

Setting the compass or not knowing the outcome is usually the forefront of creating anything, yet it is so much worth it when the satisfaction & gratification is getting a beautiful final result ~ like finding a treasure long anticipated for! As a motto in our lives (my husband & I), we know that Time, Talent & Treasures belong to God, we are simply made to enjoy & share it.

We keep in mind that this is a way for us to be fruitfull but in return, we hope this platform will come to help others in more ways. Let us make what we've come to love to do & may you find this love through what we make. Be rightly blessed, always!

~ Your First Mate / Commander
& all the crew here at Vision ANChored!

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- 1st Mate |  COMMANDER -

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