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ANC Harbor II
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      ust as when we started our lives together, we found out very quickly that we shared the love for huge (old style) wooden sailboats. Even from finding a little modeled ship on a shelf on a first visit to making a full scaled harbor decor for our wedding, it became quite apparent that a well pre-destined union had occurred. The voyage took time to get mapped out; through rough waves at times, to calm waters and clear horizons. We share a faith focused on a lighthouse that glares at us in times of need... This Light (called Jesus) took us to safe shores and gave us right of passage ~ And so with our flag "Vision ANChored" raised up to the mast, this is where we get to SET SAIL!

ANC Marriage
ANC Harbor

From Broadside to Starboard, the intent is to let you come aboard and give you a taste of the Nautical dream that we hope each crafted treasures can transmit to you & your home. As though the wood-cracking hull of a ship on waves is as pleasant as a summer breeze for some or as though a glowing light coming from a lantern is simply always more rightly authentic.

Not many may own a Frigate, a Heavy Galleon, or even a Mammoth Galleon, but well meant to be at sea, if anyone can still step foot in a place / a home / a cabin and know that a mariner's soul lives there, then surely, there are plenty of treasures that can be found from our selections to add to other "Captain's Quarters" too.


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  • Meet - Captain A
  • Meet - 1st Mate N
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Why is ANChored spelled with 3 capital letters in our logo?

A L A I N  -  N A D I A  -  C H R I S T

(The C also stands for our matrimonial name COSSETTE)

It so happens that our initials put together, set us for a designed path. Also as Christians folks, the "anchor" is well defined as this verse from the Bible says:

Vision Anchored - IN CHRIST
creates unique & authentic home-decor items with a Nautical inspired theme.

Each piece is handcrafted with love and great care. Hope this will bring an ANCHOR in your life, and may

God bless you!

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